Diamante Blockchain Announces the NFT-Based Diamond Auction House: The Real, Rare and Unique

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Diamante Blockchain Announces the NFT-Based Diamond Auction House: The Real, Rare and Unique

Diamante Blockchain enters the non-fungible token (NFT) market to mainstream the auction of the world’s finest and rarest diamonds. The NFT platform will create the first-ever market for the world’s most unique diamonds to go digital.

NEW YORK, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Diamante Blockchain, a global fintech company, announces the first-ever non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based rare and the most unique diamonds auction platform. The platform will be powered by the Diamante Net, the proprietary blockchain network of Diamante Blockchain.

Diamante’s auction house will consist of the rarest and unique diamonds from across the world that are validated and certified. The buyers can bid for the precious diamonds on the Diamante auction house with a non-fungible token or NFT, which has a unique digital signature linked to the physical diamonds. It acts as a digital certificate of ownership, authenticity, and provenance. The sellers have to deposit their diamonds in the safe and secure deposit vault owned by a Swiss partner. The transportation and the storage of the diamonds throughout the auction lifecycle will be traceable on the blockchain network with 100 percent insurance.

Diamante’s NFT-based online auction platform will create the first market for real and unique diamonds to go digital. Also, the platform offers buyers to gain the rights to the NFT with guaranteed control and blockchain proof of ownership over the real diamonds.

Dinesh Patel, CEO, and co-founder of the company said, “Our NFT-based diamond auction house provides instant, safe, and secure access to the world’s rarest diamonds. The buyers and sellers are all validated and authenticated. They will have to deal with a minimal operational fee associated with the bidding of the diamonds on the Diamante ecosystem.”

Chirag Jetani, COO and co-founder, added, “We are working to make the rarest diamonds more attainable. Our platform will allow users to buy NFTs and diamonds using our digital asset, DIAM. A few years from now, this could just be how people trade rare diamonds.”

The NFT diamond auction platform will be secured and traceable. The company’s progress is fascinating as there are already a few global diamond traders lined up to collaborate with the Diamante.

  • About Diamante Blockchain:

Diamante Blockchain is a global, decentralized finance platform successfully implementing and developing a competitive blockchain-enabled ecosystem for trade, payments, and financing.

The Diamante ecosystem consists

(i) Proprietary blockchain network – Diamante Net
(ii) Consortium of luxury goods and service industry stakeholders – Diamante Consortium
(iii) DeFi payments application – PayCircle

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