Fox and Time are leveraging Blockchain to Fight Fake news

Fox and Time are leveraging Blockchain to Fight Fake news

The Fox network’s Verify protocol is prepared to move to its own zero-knowledge blockchain. This significant step attempts to empower developers to produce projects and content that can be legitimately proven.

With the goal of making content licensing and verification immutable, Time, a worldwide media brand, and Fox have teamed up to use Fox’s Verify protocol. Together, these two powerful media organizations aim to combat press disinformation and guarantee the integrity of journalism around the world.

“Time is proud to join Fox’s Verify as an authenticated source of fact-based journalism at a time when access to trusted information is more important than ever,” said Mark Howard, Chief Operating Officer at Time.

Time’s First

Fox claims that Time will be the first outside publishing partner to use the Verify protocol. This is a brave move by both companies to work together to bring blockchain verification to journalism.

Melody Hildebrandt, Chief Technology Officer of Fox Corporation, stated, “In time, we have found a partner that shares our AI optimism as well as our commitment to protecting brand equity and authenticity while delivering our content in new and meaningful ways.”

Verify Protocol – Polygon-backed Network

Launched in January 2024, Polygon’s proof-of-stake (PoS) network serves as the foundation for the Verify protocol. It verifies and signs the provenance and timeline of digital content using cryptographic encryption.

The novel protocol aims to establish a technological link between media corporations and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This technology will monitor over 300,000 Fox content items.

“Polygon Labs’ collaboration with Fox Corp on Verify exemplifies the positive impact of blockchain technology. Time, one of the world’s most respected media outlets, is an ideal first external publishing partner,” said Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron.

ZK Gelato: A ZK Blockchain on the Way

Fox revealed that the Verify protocol will soon move from Polygon’s proof-of-work network to a brand-new, independent zero-knowledge (ZK) blockchain in response to positive feedback. However, the new ZK blockchain will also be developed using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). As a result, their collaboration with Polygon Labs is still ongoing.

Gelato, a decentralized platform for automating smart contracts, will work with the ZK Blockchain development team. “With Gelato as the implementation provider, Verify can now become a ZK L2 chain using Polygon CDK, paving the way for exponential growth,” Boiron stated in reference to Fox’s switch to ZK technology.

An open-source content verification solution that is more secure will be the outcome of this new collaboration and shift. Additionally, it will help developers create projects that have been genuinely validated.

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