How did Diamante Progress in 2019? Read About An Amazing Journey

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How did Diamante Progress in 2019? Read About An Amazing Journey

The Diamante Diamond Consortium has made remarkable progress in the year 2019. Fundamentally, Diamante offers a universal platform that works with the most reliable Diamond Supply Chain Technology. From diversifying trade-in diamond with cryptocurrency and blockchain to Diamante corporate payment solution; Diamante has made significant signs of progress in the year 2019.

Diamante fundamentally being a dedicated blockchain-based platform has been instrumental in instilling a significant amount of trust in the entire diamond supply chain. Two of the major concerns addressed by Diamante are related with the provenance of diamonds and the illegal trading involving blood or conflict diamonds. Plus, a major problem associated with the global nature of the trade is nearing complete annihilation with paperless transactions. Within the ecosystem of a global trade network, a diamond transaction has to pass through several checkpoints primarily in the form of banks and third party remittance sites.

Diamante has made substantial progress in emerging as the most trustworthy company which instills trust and transparency in a very competitive global landscape. The incidents of fraud and other related problems are quite prevalent in the diamond industry. The very nature of the business of gem and jewelry brings with it a lot of complications and possibilities which need to be handled with proper care.

In terms of progress, Diamante has been able to implement a corporate payment system that would facilitate a very easy and quick real-time settlement of transactions. The process streamlines and promises to simplify cross border trades with increasing simplicity and speed. This has been one of the major pain areas for the diamond industry and has been significantly mitigated by Diamante through its robust cross border settlement program.

With notable achievements in the year 2019, the Diamante Blockchain Consortium is bound to become a major force in the world of the diamond trade. With better provenance and transparency, the diamond ecosystem will become more user-friendly. Diamante offers equal opportunities for all participants within the diamond trading ecosystem. Right from the retailers to the suppliers, everyone can benefit from the Diamante Supply chain.

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