Dr. Krishnendu Chatterjee is currently working as Banking & Partnership Manager at XREX Inc., Taiwan, to expand the SAAS services in the MSB, Crypto OTCs, B2B payments, and C2C remittance markets. He had previously worked in Infinito Blockchain Labs, Taiwan (part of IBG & acquired by Cardano) & at DTCO (a Taiwanese blockchain Startup) for implementing blockchain in healthcare, e-identity & traceability. In his personal capacity, Dr. Chatterjee mentors blockchain projects from Ideation to Execution; as well as contribute by educating people about blockchain & crypto.

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Navigating through the unknowns, today blockchain is the master of all. Will this blockchain add value to the next-gen organizations? What are the businesses learning from the implementation of blockchain?

Blockchain will definitely add value to next-generation organizations be it at the Govt. level and/or private level. At the Govt. level blockchain can add more visibility on various departments like issuance of Certificates, healthcare, land registry, etc. In the private sector, blockchain can be used for the maintenance chronology of evidence and storage for accounting & tax. In fact, one can even create a digital-only company using the concept of DAO i.e Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, which are totally controlled and function as per the rules of digital contracts (smart contracts).

How do you think the deployment of blockchain is solving the real problems in diverse industries (Healthcare, FinTech, and so on)? What will motivate the world to participate actively in the huge blockchain universe? Also, could you name a few unheard or undiscovered use cases of blockchain?

As someone who has directly worked in the healthcare sector, I can say with confidence that blockchain can secure the health records of individuals eliminating identity theft along reducing insurance fraud. This would ultimately bring down the cost of insurance premiums and benefit everyone – patients, healthcare providers, and insurers. In the FinTech space, the rise of Stable Coins (pegged to USD) like USDC, USDT, etc. are powerful tools to provide liquidity of USD in emerging economies where there is always a dollar shortage. One of the applications of blockchain is to do fractional ownership of assets like vintage cars, art, or real estate. Curio Invest (https://curioinvest.com/) is a project which allows users to hold unique NFTs for fractionally owning vintage cars/ supercars, while also earning appreciation. The same concept can be applied for unlocking the value of real estate ownerships.

What does the future hold for cryptocurrency? Is cryptocurrency going to be the future of money?

The cryptocurrency was, is, and always will be a sort of alternative investment rather than a currency, mainly because of its fluctuations in value. According to me, Cryptocurrency will influence the future of money rather than be the future of money itself. Bitcoin itself is more like Digital Gold (asset) rather than currency (money).

What’s the trend is like in the capital market with regard to cryptocurrency? Do you see any interesting checkmates?

The rise of stablecoins as a clearance tool is really exciting. Stablecoins can and will be used along with CBDCs i.e Central Bank Digital Currency as a currency and legal tender in various jurisdictions. The implementation of CBDCs will make it that much harder for loan frauds and it will be easy to pinpoint fraudsters since everything can be digitally traced back. So, in a way digital currency is more “clean” than paper currency.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “time” and how do you like to spend your free time?

Time is the only valuable thing that exists, everything else is relative and unimportant beyond a certain threshold. In my free time, I research about the current trends and teach people about blockchain and cryptocurrency investments through my consultancy called

A2ZCryptoinvestment, to help reduce barriers of entry; along with spending considerable time exploring new places, sports, and with my loved ones.

It’s a wrap-up:

Bitcoin has no upper limit (price appreciation) as Fiat has no bottom limit (price depreciation). We are still early in the Crypto space! Always do your own due diligence before investing in Cryptocurrencies.

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