Haley Cromer is a 24-year-old video journalist, photographer, art collector, producer, musician and creative who grew up in San Diego, California in a not-so-small town called Chula Vista. She started her web3 journey as a reporter for the Solana blockchain and has now evolved to help build the Amberfi Marketplace and Ecosystem. 

CryptoNewz_TechnoCast_ Haley Cromer

Do you think the world of investments is gonna change with NFTs around?

100%. NFTs are non-fungible tokens and can contain all sorts of things. An NFT may even contain an embedded smart contract or access to one. They can also give you access to IRL events, physical collectibles and more. Decentralization is taking over the world.

What kind of opportunities is the world going to witness with cryptocurrencies in the upcoming years?

We’ll probably see many banks and branches close down and ex-bankers will become coders or full-stack devs for web3 projects, at least the good ones will. In other words, less web2 or web2.5 jobs and more web3, web4 and web5 jobs opening up with competitive salaries. This could cause a separation of wealth between workers for underdeveloped vs. competitively developed projects.

How do you think the crypto firms are going to find their place amid regulatory uncertainties?

DAOs will fight for autonomy and stick together as a policy is slowly incorporated into the web3 world. Finding a union of people who are in the same boat and will vouch for the same things is key in this grey area.

What do you think about the growing crypto startups? Are all of them worthy?

I’d say 99% are unworthy, and 1% are worthy in the big scheme of things. However, the 1% will likely buy out the remaining 99% and continue to evolve the ecosystems that were started. The future of tech is competitive, and it is likely that companies with grand ideas will eventually evolve to buy out their competitors.

Where do you see Web3.0 in the coming days?

Probably whining on Twitter about the “bear market”. The bear market doesn’t scare me. Bears rarely die in their sleep.  They hibernate, recharge and wake up hungry once the Winter is over. It’s a good time to plan and think while the rest of the world is deep asleep.

If you are to disappear and land at a different place, where would it be?

On my own tiny planet somewhere deep in the Metaverse where I see only what will light my heart on fire and am blind to all that hinders my vision and cripples my soul.

It’s a wrap-up: The bear market doesn’t scare me. Bears rarely die in their sleep. They hibernate, recharge and wake up hungry once the Winter is over.

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