Diamante Blockchain Initiates Pilot Testing for PayCircle, the Global DeFi Payment Application

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Diamante Blockchain Initiates Pilot Testing for PayCircle, the Global DeFi Payment Application

Diamante Blockchain is a global decentralized finance platform implementing and developing a competitive proprietary blockchain infrastructure for trade, payments, and financing.

NEW YORK, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Diamante Blockchain Inc., a global fintech firm initiates the Pilot Testing for its global DeFi payment application, PayCircle, before the final launch of the application. The global payment application has successfully completed the Proof of Concept (POC) with over 10+ eminent corporates and leading banks in December 2020. The company is aiming to deploy the payments solution in the next couple of weeks.

PayCircle is a DeFi payments solution built for global businesses and individuals. It allows individuals and businesses to send, receive, and custody a variety of Fiat and digital assets globally, anytime, and anywhere.

  • Key Features of PayCircle:

1. Users can instantly send, receive, and custody multi-currency Fiat and digital assets across the globe 24X7

2. FDIC insured USD custody

3. No hidden fees with the lowest transaction fees in the industry

4. Digitally encrypted and advanced visibility of the transactions while guaranteeing near zero payment failure

  • We’re Incredibly Diamante: A Message from the CEO, Diamante Blockchain

A decade from today is going to be completely ‘Decentralized and Digital.’ Frictionless flows of global digital transactions, trillion-dollar tokens with a positive impact on businesses, altogether a new Fintech space.

Can we call it a new “Fintech Revolution?”

The global payments and financing system remained antiquated. Trust, transparency, and traceability, above all, security are the biggest challenges today. Hence, after working for over 30 years in the global trade of diamonds, I and my co-founder, Chirag Jetani, found the need to modernize the international payments and financing space, beginning with the diamond industry. Well, the advanced technology that is all decentralized is the need of the hour.

  • Diamante: The Revolutionary Fintech Ecosystem

Indeed, we are doing this! We are working to revolutionize the global financial infrastructure with our innovative technologies. Our products and solutions enable the world to meet its business and consumer needs. Ultimately, we are committed to creating a new era in the global fintech space!

“We are leading the paradigm shift in the global financial ecosystem, by making money more fluid, the market more open, and businesses more empowered.”

  • Speedy Transactions

Leverage our advanced technology to conduct relatively speedy transactions. Transfer digital assets and conduct transactions 24/7 with more convenience.

  • Reliable

Reliable transaction processing in real-time. Advanced visibility of transactions while guaranteeing zero payment failure.

  • Secured

Enhanced digital security for transactions from source till settlement. Absolute control of assets without any interference of any middlemen.

  • Cost-Effective

Conduct low-cost, cross-currency, cross-border transactions, and national payments for global commerce. Minor fee charge to prevent any malicious intentions to flood the network.

We as a company are successfully implementing and developing a competitive blockchain-enabled ecosystem for trade, payments, and financing. Along with us, we want YOU to explore the impossibilities and transform the way you do your business. We assure you that the Diamante is faster, reliable, secured, and borderless.

For more information

Website: http://www.diamanteblockchain.com
DeFi Payments Application: https://paycircle.io/
Email: support@diamanteblockchain.com

Source: Yahoo Finance

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