How Blockchain-Powered IoT can Empower Irrigation

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How Blockchain-Powered IoT can Empower Irrigation

The traditional methods of agriculture have brought limited productivity and heavy dependence on natural factors like a monsoon. Smart farming removes the dependence on these natural factors with an integrated blockchain-driven iOT platform which allows farmers to leverage sensors, use accurate monitoring systems, smart gateways to collect important information and control multiple parameters. The primary objective of the smart farming solution is to ensure irrigation without human intervention. This can also be regarded as smart irrigation.

The data collected from the sensors are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from a mobile or laptop. The entire objective of this iOT platform is to minimize the extensive dependence on manual labor. The implementation of this iOT would in turn leverage the productivity of the farm and ensure the sustainability of the farm. A central blockchain network can empower the farmers with vital data starting from the point when the sow the seeds till the time they reap the harvest.

We firmly believe that traditional business models can add significant value to their business through iOT based technologies. Although the initial coherence of iOT and traditional business models seem incompatible, a more structured approach towards the same gives satisfactory results for the same.

Key benefits of our iOT Farming Solution:

  • Help in micromanaging the climate and soil monitoring sensors for a better yield of the same
  • A complete overhaul of the internal processes
  • Better waste management and optimize the production costs
  • Enhanced business efficiency

How it works

The smart control panel is the primary tool that allows the users to ride on this end to end iOT platform. The farmers have the option to

  • Manage the farming process effectively
  • Generate reports
  • Predictive control
  • Integrated operations

The entire process is covered using an umbrella which covers the entire farming ecosystem by integrating and incorporating

  • Smart fertilization
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Smart Greenhouse


Blockchain offers key solutions on iOT which are capable of transforming traditional business models with newer ones having advanced command, control and administration. Now the end results can be controlled using platforms like iOT and AI.

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