How Technology Will Revolutionize the Face of Business in the Next Decade

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How Technology Will Revolutionize the Face of Business in the Next Decade

From smartphones to the world of augmented reality, we are living on the edge of technology. The transformation witnessed in the last decade is simply incomparable to the one which we have witnessed in the last 100 years. Yes, it has been more than a thousand-year journey covered in a single digital revolution. Welcome back to the modern smart world where you are highly dependent on your digital assets. Today is just the beginning! Our personal experiences are supposed to be taken to a different level altogether. Thanks to the rapidly improving modern face of digital technology, our existing level of human experience would see a major transformation. Let us discuss some of the possible changes which we can expect to witness in the future.

  • Smartphones and AI – The integration of smartphones and artificial intelligence is bound to bring about a significant change in our lives. Plus, the power of IoT will shape a human experience that was previously unthinkable. Imagine switching on and off your home’s heating or air conditioning system before you enter your home! These are already in place but with limited availability. The day is not far when you will be living in smart homes!
  • Digitization of finance and money – Gone are the days of cash transactions. Now, even plastic transactions would lose its popularity. Today, wallet based transactions are becoming popular. Another new trend which is disrupting the traditional methods of payments! It is the payment processing technology using scanners and QR codes implemented by the leading payment wallets available in the markets. Some are even using proximity scanners to realize a particular transaction.
  • The race towards an alternative technology – The race towards an alternate source of energy and harnessing renewable energy has seen its peak in recent times. Soon, water-powered or hybrid cars and automobiles will rule the roost. The petroleum-producing countries across the world will inevitably face disruption due to the ever-increasing power of the alternate sources of energy. Toyota has pioneered in this area and would be producing more such vehicles after 2022.
  • Healthcare and genetic research – The research on high-level diseases and the subsequent quest for high-level solutions has opened up several fronts. The research industry will benefit significantly from the advancements made in the healthcare and research front. Every year, there are several high-level functional data and results available for the researchers. The subsequent digitization of the healthcare and genetic research data will help in storing valuable information within an immutable network. Data stored in the blockchain would be immutable and completely secured from external intrusions.
  • Digital Commerce revolution with cryptocurrencies – Though it is only in its nascent stage, the matter of fact is that cryptocurrencies are being introduced to the e-commerce ecosystem. Today, there are some global e-commerce chains that have started accepting cryptocurrencies. The crypto revolution in the e-commerce ecosystem marks another era of digital disruption.

To sum up, we can say that the future would be strictly digital. We are already living in an era where digitization has played a major role in transforming the actual human experience. Just a few years from now, you would witness the first thrust of a super digitized race called humans! Till then, you can keep exploring.

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