Shashank Shalabh is a Data-driven & Creative Global Strategic Marketing Leader with more than 17 years of experience in aligning diverse marketing opportunities into a comprehensive omnichannel strategy to build brand awareness, drive conversions, and improve customer experience – from awareness to customer advocacy. Shashank is the Chief Marketing Officer of NinjaPad.

 Shashank Shalabh_TechnoCast_CryptoNewz

How do you think blockchain/crypto/NFT startups and enterprises should improve their marketing strategies?

Blockchain/crypto/NFT startups need to take a different route to marketing. While most aspects of traditional marketing apply to this domain, there are still huge differences that I don’t see them addressing.

For example, using a bunch of advertising options to drive awareness does not always work. Also, the messaging of most marketing campaigns is too “salesy”. The Crypto Audience is quite unique in that they can (in most cases) sense the BS quickly.

How exciting is it going to be with IDO Launchpads around in the upcoming years?

From the humble start with ICOs in 2017 to the growth of DeFi and NFTs in the 2019s & the 2020s, the crypto world has grown exponentially. I believe that IDOs could attract massive investment going forward (of course, once the market condition improves). IDOs as a fundraising method, appeal to both projects and retail investors. Unlike ICOs, IDOs make it easy for anyone from anywhere in the world to participate in public sales. Modern-day IDO launchpads offer tools and support for the projects right from the start. 

What could be the most enthralling news in the crypto market and for the crypto communities?

That Crypto will become the new age “normal” global currency.

What kind of hurdles do you face in marketing digital currencies in the digital world?

Developing trust and working around ad limitations.

What is the most interesting marketing strategy that you have come across, especially in the crypto/blockchain industry?

Airdrops combined with strategic content/social media marketing

Ever wished to have superpowers – tell us two?

Would love to know what someone is thinking. Pretty slick, huh? 

It’s a wrap-up: The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.