Sergey Sevantsyan is a Visionary and Futurologist of a new economic model of interactions; Mentor, Investor, and Bizmatcher of digital companies, Business mediator. He is the Mastermind at the Think Tank Community.

As the founder and ideological inspirer of a new paradigm of relationships, Sergey unites around himself people with proven competencies in the blockchain industry. Mentor and locomotive of many successful blockchain startups. Believes that technology can make this world a better place.

“Technologies can do all humans’ lives much better. We have nothing to be afraid of, instead, we have to adapt them!” So, exactly after a decade, where do you think “we, humans” will be standing with respect to technology? What kind of technological innovations can we expect going forward?

Digitalization as a phenomenon will invade and possess in many aspects of our life. For sure money will become fully digital (probably based on blockchain), our presence in virtual space will become usual, extended, and augmented virtual reality as wearable devices or areas which will be fully prepared to live in is our next environment. We will finally all be live connected all time long and online appearance will be a human right and human need as water, food, shelter, accommodation, and communication. Our duties will shift to cyberspace, metaverse, internet (name it); we will be in harmony with nature without harming it and stop being greedy about money and ownership. Sharing will become caring, and humans will become more intellectual, grateful for the environment, and all generations who created this heaven for us living now will focus not on survival, on our dreams…

You are one of the experts who are fully engaged and embracing the blockchain industry. Could you please elaborate on your current moves in the blockchain space? What are you currently working on and are you able to feel the blockchain up-gradation already?

Right now I’m working on Realty Tokenization. Conversations about the tokenization of property take over seven years, but right now blockchain technology has become mature enough and has appropriate trust when real businesses have the readiness to start and shift their vision into cyberspace. As the most valuable asset on the planet – humans started from tokenization of money, now we are tokenizing a very sensitive and most valuable asset for every human being – Real Estate (Property). Money backed by Real Estate is a very understandable and reliable asset for us. Proof of ownership backed by NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has proven his stay with us. Fractionalization presented by tokens has no doubt of value. These main points are the reasons and pillars, where property tokenizations start to become real. Now Property Developers are ready to go in that direction: they accept crypto as payment, they want to tokenize their buildings, digital ownership is our future.

The ThinkTank Community: it is an amazing amalgamation of masterminds, technology innovators, virtual and augmented reality creators, programmers, and so on. What are you guys currently up to? What’s happening in the backend to make this world a better place to live?

Thank you for the warm words, for us, it’s the lifestyle. It’s our Network, it’s the people we work with, it’s the community we are proud of, it’s our inspiration and vision for tomorrow. On 21-March we will celebrate our 2 years anniversary, we are creating our Book of Meanings, of course, we will invite all the best minds of cutting edge technologies from all over the world to spread and share their ideas among the Think Tank Community, we will let entrepreneurs and project to present what innovations they prepared for the future, what kind of solutions they have, how to make it happen tomorrow. All these things drive us to manage the Think Tank Community and be part of this great process. We have to take care of our kids’ futures – this is the thing!

There are a lot of start-ups joining the tech space. It’s like founders start raising money on Friday and close the deal by Sunday night but is only ‘money’ enough in the long run? Is this a new economy moment? What do you think about the new-age startups? What do you think companies need most to grow?

SUCCESS is very hard to achieve. So many things (stars) should come together at the right time and at the right place. It’s not so easy to do. Combination of Best Team, Smart Investors, good connections, networking, support, and community – all these things together only give a chance for success. Crowdinvesting appears for masses just 5-10 years. Fintech and Blockchain industries are disrupting so many businesses around. They need some energy and community involving in this process. Communications and online presence give that possibilities and investors all over the world want to be part of this game. The power from Rulers shifting to the Communities. It’s a painful and sophisticated process ongoing right now. But all of us want to try. And it works! That’s why everyone around me is so encouraged about this process. We have to try, we have to learn, we have to be part of this challenge – it’s amazing and people become smart, educated, and well known about all the processes around. It’s a smart economy, where people find fairness and respect. For the first time in history NO ONE owns the money, NO ONE controls the circulation, NO ONE can stop this process. ALL of us responsible, machines and computers are the holders of our assets WITHOUT ANY INTEREST out of it. That’s the beauty of this technology approach.

As an ICO advisor, do you think the ICOs are a real deal or a token gesture? Which factors do you think will lead an ICO to success?

ICO is dead – I’m not consulting about it at all. That process has shifted to IDO, IFO, next IxO – the main idea behind it is to collect the money to make some idea happen. Only this drives us to change this world. And we are on the right direction).

Lastly, do you have any hobbies, and what’s your favorite hobby?

Evangelism, spreading ideas, learning from smart people, being part of cutting edge technologies – all these are my work, passion, and hobby at the same time. Nowadays the best motivation to do something great – is to do what drives you, and money in this process is not a driver, it’s fuel. We – CREATORS, are the most valuable on the planet. And my personal hobby is to leave a BETTER WORLD for kids after me.

It’s a wrap-up: “Human being is very unique and differs from other species on our planet Earth. A long time before we thought about non-hunger life, then we created a comfortable environment to live in, nowadays we realized – our dreams and imaginations could come true! You have any other option besides Technologies?! Our dreams look very realistic in cyberspace. And we cannot stop this process anyway. Let’s do it happen niftily!”

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