The Basic Features of Ethereum Programming Language Vyper

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The Basic Features of Ethereum Programming Language Vyper

Vyper is a fairly new Ethereum programming language gaining quite some attention since it made its appearance in the blockchain universe. One can define Vyper as a general-purpose and experimental programming language that gathers down to Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM bytecode, almost like Solidity. Vyper was solely designed and created to simplify the whole process to make smart contracts easy to understand. That way, it becomes more transparent for all involved in the process and has lesser entry points for any attack.

Salient Features of Vyper

Given under are the key features of Ethereum’s Vyper:

  1.     Vyper is bound and also has an overflow check on array accesses. 
  2. It has signed integers and also a decimal fixed-point number.
  3.     Vyper programming language is upper bound for gas consumption.
  4.     It comes with the feature of strong typing.
  5.     Vyper has small compiler code that is easy to understand

What makes Vyper better?

To understand what makes Vyper different from other programming languages like Python and Solidity, we have drawn a comparison focusing on the most basic features that it comes with.

  • One can say that Vyper is simpler. It comes without any of the usual constructs such as function overloading, class inheritance, recursion, and operator overloading. Such theories are technically not required. They increase the security risks and make it complex to create Smart Contracts. This whole thing makes understanding auditing of contracts complicated for a non-technical person.
  • Vyper is more secured as it deliberately prohibits things or makes things harder if that’s what is required to increase the overall security. So one can say that rather been considered as a replacement for Solidity, it can be a better option for cases that require higher security.

It is quite safe to say that Vyper was built to make the blockchain network more secure and prevent hacking. What makes this new language easier for developers to pick up and adopt is that it is designed to make it a lot like Python. This makes it easy for the developers to understand and use it.

Another point that makes Vyper different from the others is that it comes without any in-built assemble, binary fixed point, and modifiers. It provides greater security without making the language and the process too complicated to understand. The codes that are used in Vyper is easy to read but very hard to manipulate. It is just what blockchain needs to stand true to its basic feature of immutability.

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