The World Of Technology Is Getting Smarter With The Merger of AI and 5G

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The World Of Technology Is Getting Smarter With The Merger of AI and 5G

Technology is always fascinating especially being in today’s era where digital development is at its pinnacle. Artificial Intelligence was once a Sci-Fi concept but the same concept is making rapid inroads in our lives. Today, the most relevant examples of AI would be Google Voice Assistants like Alexa, Siri, and other Voice assistants. The introduction of 5G in the framework of AI would give it the necessary mutual boost to make them function optimally. 5G offers a high level of speed; infrastructure and volume of data which AI needs to leverage its capacity to the next level. Artificial Intelligence or AI is not a very new idea. It has been there for the last 30 years and its algorithmic patterns have remained almost unchanged from that point of time! AI processors need data inputs along with their reciprocal output. 5G has the capability to drive huge blocks of existing data set inputs with their possible outcomes of output.  Thus the amazing prowess and capability of 5G are bound to transform the complexion of AI in the coming years.

Let us discuss some other important features of 5G technology which really makes it fundamentally different from existing communication platforms like 3G and 4G. The readers should also understand the fundamental difference between 5G and existing 4G or 3G frameworks.


The tight latency requirements of 5G communications are capable of driving capabilities that are beyond belief considering the present state of global technology. As of now the existing 4G and 3G networks offer capabilities like disaster alert, real-time gaming, multi-person video call, automotive recall, device remote controlling, wireless cloud-based office and bidirectional remote control. 5G would bring in the next level of innovation marked with autonomous driving, augmented reality, tactile internet, and virtual reality. These concepts will take shape with rapid speed as soon as 5G services become widely distributed.

Network Slicing

The concept of network slicing is basically a physically shared network space with multiple virtualized networks running on top. In practice, the service users would be actually paying for a network slice whereas which guarantees latency and reliability to support a particular range of machinery and factory tools. Artificial Intelligence will play a great role in setting up network slices since the requirements are getting more complicated by the hour.

The combination of AI and 5G would lead to good network optimization. This would automatically re-route back end traffic to minimize the flow during peak activity hours.

Internet of Things and 5G will trigger AI’s expansion

The internet of things would be another major platform which along with 5G will trigger a massive expansion in the spectrum of AI. Today, while we refer to the Internet of Things, we automatically refer to the most commonly used platforms in the spectrum of Internet of Things like the voice assistants namely Alexa, and other popular platforms of digital voice assistants with AI-driven results.

The tremendous power of AI would be harnessed with IoT when it gets connected to share more and more human interfaces and behavioral patterns. Today, the cross-platform interrelationships are building newer opportunities and transformational changes that would shape a remarkable future.

In the next decade or beyond, the major technological platforms are expected to become the major disruptors – AI, 5G, and the Internet of Things! It will be interesting to see how these developments get cascaded down to the end-users in the form of value addition. Today, technology has the sole objective of making human life easy and hassle-free. With increasingly powerful platforms like IoT, the future is already bright!

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